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Allstate  DME Solutions is based in New York City, New York, and consults for clients across the US. Our goal as a company is to make it as fast, easy, and affordable as possible for individuals and companies operating in the medical world to become accredited as suppliers of durable medical equipment.  



Many business operators and medical professionals choose not to become DME accredited as there is a perception that it is time-consuming and complicated – and this can be very true. 

The wording of the relevant legislation, and the different rules for different states, can make it a difficult world to navigate. That is what we are here for: we have the skills, knowledge, and experience, to help you become fully accredited and start to offer additional services within your practice or business.

Our Guarantee

Our consultants are so good at what they do that we offer each and every client a guarantee: if you utilize our services, and you have not been legally barred, then you WILL be awarded durable medical equipment accreditation. 

You do not have to fill out any of the paperwork, you do not have to worry about filing the right documentation in the right places – the team at Allstate DME Solutions takes care of everything for you. Your personal DME consultant will work with you to make sure that you have everything in place, and that you are set up and operating within the regulations add "."


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